Felp Assembly

automation machinery


Cycle Time: 15 sec
Cartridge D.40 assembly
Employ two operators at the same time

Production: 2000 pcs/h
Test: Micro leakage seal test whit valve at 45° + close valve
Complete system with oring mounting table, assembly line and testing line with pallets

Cycle time: 10/15 sec
Test: Micro leakage seal test
Complete system composed by rotary table and pallets line
Inkjet marking system for cartridge

Cycle Time: 30 sec
Test: Micro leakage seal test
Pallets line for assembly and testing single lever mixers with tube

Cycle Time: 3,5 sec
Assembles 1/2" and 3/4 " headworks
Complete system with 3 synchronized rotary tables

Cycle Time: 20/25 sec
Test Micro leakage seal test
System with cumulating pallets line

Production: 1800/2000 pcs/h
Test: Pop test
Assembles two products at the same time