Felp Assembly

automation machinery

Felp in the world

Always looking for new markets, these last several years FELP is constantly present at 5 continents. In fact, you can find the technology branded FELP in countries like USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, India, Israel, Egypt and South Africa. Our collaborations with foreign partners and high internationalization of our technicians allow FELP to ensure in every corner of the World reliability and a service comparable to the local one. The constant participation at international expositions, the organization of events at our company and the direct visits to clients permit us to establish solid and effective commercial relationships with any kind of clientele.

Service and teleservice

FELP guarantees one of the best after sale service on the world market thanks to a technologically advanced and performing assistance. Every machine or system FELP is equipped with a Ethernet web which can be connected to Internet through the software, designed and calibrated ad hoc for every system by the internal programmer team. The technological devices permit FELP operators to control the functioning of line, table or work desk and to supply an operative assistance in case of fault or request of instructions. This procedure permits FELP to guarantee an efficient and concrete assistance in real time and all over the world.