Felp Assembly

automation machinery

FELP assembly and testing systems

For more than 30 years FELP designs and constructs assembly, testing and service systems for the very different industrial applications. More than three-decade experience permitted FELP to assert on the following sectors of world market : sanitary ware, taps, spherical valves, fittings, automotive, electric components, pneumatic accessories and others productions through the creation of industrial automatisms to implement mechanic lines, pallet lines, rotating tables and testing and assembly workbenches. Thanks to the technological excellence and a high level of project knowhow, today FELP is acknowledged at the international level, like a leader of this sector, able to offer a constant innovation in research and development with the design capacity corresponding to the highest market standards.


In 1982was created FELP, a company specialized in design and construction of industrial automation systems. Since then, the company had a rapid growth, thanks to hard work and tenacity of its founders, in fact, the products offer was extended: from leading in 1980s compass sector FELP passed to taps and sanitary ware production in 1990s, and finally, has developed and specialized in assembly and testing of ball valves, mounting of pneumatic and hydraulic fittings, the automotive sector and electric components, areas in which FELP claims to have many years of experience and high level know how.


Leader in this field, today FELP is acknowledged both in Italy and abroad. These last years FELP machinery has been supplied at the five continents. Except constant and widespread presence in Italy, you can find the technology branded FELP in countries like USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, India, Israel, Egypt, and South Africa. Thank of wide range of products FELP proposes for every single situation the right solution, balancing the automation level, the flexibility and the production capacity. For every specific application FELP studies the perfect system to achieve the desired by costumer target, containing at the same time the costs. The experience and the constant research of the most innovative technologies makes FELP the perfect partner, able to solve problems of assembly and testing, as well as refine the production system.